Product Information Management (PIM)

Product Information Management (PIM) takes your product data as a preference for all your marketing needs. PIM software provides a centralized platform to view and access product information, rather than relying on time-consuming manual processes. It works as a central repository to store product information and logistics information that businesses need to sell across the digital ecosystem.

We help you to manage, improve, consolidate, and publish product information on the retail, marketplace, and e-commerce channels by using the PIM solution. Our PIM is flexible and capable of managing your product information and spread it across the right sales channel that is needed.

BlockLine PIM Solution

We offer a pre-configured PIM system specifically developed for small to medium-size enterprises. Our PIM helps suppliers improve product data management processes.

  • Eliminate spreadsheets, manual processes, and redundant data entry

  • Automate the import of product data

  • Manage products, catalogs, digital assets and relationships

  • Enable governance workflow for data maintenance and publication

  • Improve data quality and consistency

  • Syndicate clean product data to trading partners in different file formats

PIM Features

Flexible Data Modeling

Flexible data modeling is a key feature of our PIM that uses a web-based modeling engine to create a new product data model within minutes.

Easy Data Management

The PIM solution is user-friendly and capable of providing consistent data management to organizations as needed.

Workflow Management

Our PIM is having an advanced workflow engine to define business processes and underlying workflows.

Data Export/Import

Support you through easy import and export of data between internal and external systems of your firm.

High-Quality Data

Delivers clean data scales with enterprise-class data quality and governance. It is compatible with multiple domains and suitable for organizations of any size and in any industry.

We combine a comprehensive set of PIM features and services that allows you to win in the digital space.