Extend Your Team With Our Development Resource Augmentation Services (DRAS)

We offer expert development resource augmentation services (DRAS) for many organizations and help them retain top IT talent that can be time-consuming and costly. Our development resource augmentation service is cost-effective and focused on delivering a wide array of complex IT skills to help better your business.

We provide resource augmentation services in a broad range of industries. We have an effective team of experts that have experience in handling resource augmentation and consultancy requirements. We strive hard to make our program match your project requirements with our experts’ skills and experience to keep your projects on schedule and within budget.

BlockLine DRAS Is Ideal For:

BlockLine is always in a pursuit to go beyond the client’s expectations. That’s why we provide one of the best DRAS solutions to assist our clients. Our solution is cost-effective and offers the following services:

  • Briefing of Technology

  • Installation and deployment assistance

  • Network virtualization projects

  • Expert-level technical research

  • Cloud migration assistance

  • Infrastructure updates

  • Technology proof of concept

  • Complex network solutions


We have experience in successfully delivering DRAS projects from small-scale implementations to large-scale projects. We are a certified IT personnel with adequate experience in the field of development resource augmentation service and we work in sync with the client’s requirements.
We have a team of qualified consultants with years of domain knowledge in DRAS management that help for any customization needs. We will provide you with the ability to use and discontinue our service as and when required according to the contract.
Our DRAS professionals are the best specialists with the right assignments. Whether you need the service of one or more consultants or engineers or technicians that specialize in a certain technology or product, we can find the best fit for your development resource augmentation service (DRAS) need. We’re committed to giving you the best resource for enhancing your workforce.